I've upgraded from 16.04 -18.04, installed unity desktop and uninstalled gnome.

But I am not able to change my input language with shortcut key Super+Space. On click of Super+Space it shows the launcher with their respective number.


With Ubuntu 18.04 switching to GNOME, it seems that even the default Unity shortcut to switch keyboard layout isn't supported anymore.

I experimented different customized shortcuts for Next/Previous Input Source in Settings > Text Input, and found that shortcuts using space require either ctrl or shift to work, e.g. ctrl+shift+space. So the defaults super+space and super+shift+space simply don't work at all.


You are still free to choose usual combinations like super + N or modifier-based combinations like alt + shift (Windows-style). Be careful with shortcuts relying solely on alt and super though, as they may open the Command, Launcher or Keyboard Shortcuts pop-up depending on how long you hold them.

For instance, on my Japanese keyboard I'm using ctrl + muhenkan, as it's also possible to reuse special keys.

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