When I open VMWare player, I get a prompt to install VMWare Player tools. When I click on Download and Install, it shows this error:

Failed to run /usr/lib/vmware-installer/2.1.0/vmware-installer '--required' '--console' '--install-component=/home/dell/.cache/vmware/cds/cdstmp_tools-linux_10.2.5_9474260/vmware-tools-linux-10.2.5-8068393.x86_64.component' as user root.
Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file.

I also have read that it is not recommended to launch GUI applications as root or with sudo. So is there any other option to install VMWare tools from Terminal/Bash?


Today I changed GNOME to GNOME on Xorg, and when I tried to install VMWare tools it asked me for authentication and then that were installed successfully. Earlier it never asked me for authentication and showed the above mentioned error. I don't know the explanation but love to learn about that.

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