When using Awesome Window Manager, how do you set a hotkey to lock your system?

I'd preferably like to use Win+L so that I can lock my screen when needed.

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From Arch Linux How to lock screen with awesome window manager [SOLVED]:

I will also recommend xscreensaver, simply because it has ways of letting you know when the screen is locked (it comes with a ton of screensavers to chose from). To lock using xscrensaver, do this:

  1. Install xscreensaver (Ed: sudo apt install xscreensaver)
  2. Add xscreensaver -no-splash & to your $HOME/.xinitrc (Ed: This file doesn't exist in Ubuntu Unity 16.04. In Startup Applications you add the command xscreensaver -nosplash)
  3. Make a keybinding in Awesome that spawns xscreensaver-command -lock. This will start the screensaver and ask for a password.

Suckless' slock is rather small, but all it does is blank the screen and wait for input. Input is not even echoed, you don't see anything, so you might as well have a locked box and not know it.

When you see (Ed: ...) above, they are comments added by me and are not in Arch Linux answer


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