So, stopwatch at hands, it takes a grand total of 39 seconds from turning on my Dell XPS 9550 to the user selection screen.

Is it normal? Is it too slow? I am running 18.04.1 with the latest Dell bios (1.8.0). Fast boot in bios settings is on Auto (turning it on did not produced any change) and Ubuntu is booting in Legacy mode from the SSD. I have disabled all other possible booting sources (diskette drive etc.)


Ok, I found out that two big culprits of the slow boot, at least on my Dell XPS 9550, were the LVM and encryption that I turned on during install.

It seems that with some SSD models, this causes a bug that adds up time at boot. I reinstalled without checking those those boxes and boot times are as follows:

Startup finished in 17.153s (firmware) + 7.527s (loader) + 5.377s (kernel) + 919ms (userspace) = 30.977s

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