I'm an Ubuntu noob and I'm trying to install the PixelAnnotationTool on Ubuntu using the command line, but I'm having a super hard time doing it; bunch of errors, etc.

I want to know primarily how should I install this, and by that I mean what are the building dependencies and how should I use the 'binaries' to install this? Which files to use? I did try the 'build' instructions on that page but it gives me errors.

:( Someone please shed some light on this

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    the build instructions are quite straightforward. What errors specifically are you seeing? – glenn jackman Aug 29 '18 at 22:52

Linux AppImage

This method describes the installation without building from source. Open a terminal and type

  • wget https://github.com/abreheret/PixelAnnotationTool/releases/download/v1.3.1/PixelAnnotationTool_x86_64_v1.3.1.AppImage 
  • chmod +x PixelAnnotationTool_x86_64_v1.3.1.AppImage

  • ./PixelAnnotationTool_x86_64_v1.3.1.AppImage& or open nautilus and double click PixelAnnotationTool_x86_64_v1.3.1.AppImage

Build and run on linux :

Instruction follows this link. The install the Qt5.9.1 IDE.

On Ubuntu, PixelAnnotationTool need this pacakage (OpenCV and Qt5.9.1):

sudo apt install build-essential cmake
sudo apt install mesa-common-dev
sudo apt install libopencv-dev python-opencv
wget http://download.qt.io/official_releases/qt/5.9/5.9.1/qt-opensource-linux-x64-5.9.1.run
chmod +x qt-opensource-linux-x64-5.9.1.run

To compile the application :

cd ..
mkdir x64
cd x64
cmake -DQT5_DIR=/path/to/Qt5.9.1/5.9.1/gcc_64/lib/cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ..
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