I accepted a standard system update request this morning (8/29/18) and when the system restarted, I could no longer access both screens. I had a situation where I had only mouse access on the left screen, but apps launched on only the right screen. I have been running this basic config for two years, and have installed new images multiple times, and always accepted updates, but this one busted me. I resorted to unplugging the right-hand monitor and am now running in single screen mode.

How can I correct this?

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same thing happened to me upgrading 16.04.5 from 4.4.0-127 kernel to 4.4.0-128 and up. GE9400 video card A clean install of 18.04.1-ubuntu desktop using proprietary drivers during install had the same issue - only one monitor usable(nvidia-settings had no Xwindow menu items to reconfigure) A clean install of 18.04.1-mate using open source drivers worked, upgrading that install to proprietary nvidia then worked I'd try changing your install to open source nvidia and if that works re-install the proprietary drivers hth

  • Thanks, I have been fiddling around and I think I did exactly what you describe, so I now have the dual monitor setup working again.
    – explainer
    Sep 2, 2018 at 3:04

I have intel graphics and nvidia graphics and solved this problem with this command

sudo prime-select nvidia

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