In Ubuntu 16.04, if I double-click on an ISO file, Ubuntu gets the volume ID, then mounts that ISO at a directory at /media/$USER/ with the volume ID as the name of the directory. It does this without any request for root permissions.

I want to replicate this behavior in the terminal. I don't want to go first parsing the output of isoinfo -d -i data.iso, then granting root permissions to the user so that they then run mkdir in /media/ followed by running the mount command etc. I want to replicate what Ubuntu is actually doing and I want to replicate it without asking the user for root permissions.

How might this be done?


You can invoke manually the Gnome Disk Image Mounter:

gnome-disk-image-mounter /path/to/the/iso/file.iso
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    Ah nice! This is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks. :) – BlandCorporation Aug 29 '18 at 16:49

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