Say I have two users right now:

  • mkcoldwolf
  • pvpzxalan

They both have a /home/%user dir

and the user mkcoldwolf has mounted a HardDrive at /media/mkcoldwolf/Data i want to let user pvpzxalan able to access the folder /media/mkcoldwolf/Data/folder. Also i dont want to let user pvpzxalan access /media/mkcoldwolf/Data/other

How do I do that? I have tried linking, mount

sudo mount --bind --verbose /home/pvpzxalan /media/mkcoldwolf/Data/folder

All of them said "permission denied" or won't create the folder, what should i do?

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    How about creating a group like "team" and putting both users into that group? Then give group rwx permissions to /media/mkcoldwolf/Data/ for the group "team"? And then make the group of /media/mkcoldwolf/Data/other be the default group of mkcoldwolf. Would that work? Perhaps play with this a bit on normal directories first, and then bring the mounting issue in after... – Ray Aug 28 at 17:12

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