Can anyone please tell me how to completely remove Skype from Ubuntu 18.04?

There's lots of advice on how to install Skype, but none on how to uninstall it. Skype came with the upgrade I think.

How can I remove Skype?

  1. Click the "Ubuntu" button, type "Terminal" (without the quotations) and then press Enter.

  2. Type sudo apt-get --purge remove skype and then press Enter

  3. Enter your Ubuntu password to confirm that you wish to completely remove Skype and then press Enter

  4. Click the "Ubuntu" button, type "Home" (without the quotations) and then press Enter to open your home folder.

  5. Press Ctrl-H to display hidden folders. Locate and delete the ".skype" folder. Copied and pasted...

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    Not working: "package skype not found". Working answer is the one from Billal Begueradj. – Marco Faustinelli Aug 4 '19 at 11:58


sudo apt-get --purge remove skypeforlinux
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GUI method : Right click on Skype in app drawer and click Show details. You'll be redirected to Ubuntu Software Center. From there you can on uninstall. This would I call the easiest method.

CLI method: Open terminal and run sudo snap remove skype and if this doesn't work try sudo apt-get --purge remove skype

Read more:

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