this is my lab:

  • 1 SVR IBM system x3650 M4 with Ubuntu 18.04 and MAAS
  • 2 SVR IBM system x3650 M4 with Ubuntu 18.04 as hypervisor

Installing KVM and virt on NODEs I can manage the VM via MAAS, if I want to use LXD for creating the VM and manage them on MAAS, is there a way to make that? I'd like use LXD as hypervisor on my NODEs thanks

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    Just keep in mind, LXD is not a hypervisor, it's containerization, not virtualization. – Thomas Ward Aug 28 at 14:56
  • but KVM and LXD can work together? Can I use KVM to add the NODE on MAAS and use LXD to create a container? thanks – Riccardo Magrini Aug 28 at 16:21

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