The battery life on my laptop is extremely poor. I have run powertop to understand what is consuming the most power. The base power consumption is given as 25W, where 15W-16W of this is apparently caused by the wireless card.

I saw somebody else had a similar issue - Wlan drains all the battery too fast on Ubuntu 16.04 - but I don't really understand the answer (I think it is basically saying that power management is broken) and how that would help me fix it. I don't know a lot about Ubuntu, but I'm computer literate and comfortable running commands, so if someone can help me diagnose the issue I'd be very grateful. FYI I have an nvidia graphics card, which I know can be troublesome on linux.

Running lspci | grep -i wireless outputs:

04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 (rev 3a)

My nvidia driver version: Nvidia binary driver version 370.28 from nvidia-370

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