I've got a script file in my home directory that I've added to Startup Applications. It then creates a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart. Is it possible to just cut out the middle man, and run this script directly from the autostart folder?

The structure of the script is along the lines of:


I tried making it one line by rearranging the script to read:


The idea behind this was to swap out the following line in the .desktop file from this:


To this:


This doesn't seem to work. I'm guessing multiple commands aren't supported. Is there any other way?

To be clear, I don't have any particular problem with the current way I'm doing things. Everything functions as it should. I'm just very particular about my home directory contents. If there is a more elegant way to run my script after logging in to the desktop, great. If not, no big deal.

To my understanding, KDE has a ~/.config/autostart-scripts directory that would work perfectly for me. This seems to be a folder found only in KDE however. I'm using the default DE for Ubuntu 18.04.


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Instead of Exec=command1;command2;command3 try

Exec=sh -c "command1;command2;command3"
  • Initially, this one didn't work, but @N0rbert's link mentioned that I needed to escape some characters first. Works as intended now. Thank you.
    – hiigaran
    Sep 2, 2018 at 12:34

I would strongly advise against this sort of thing as you end up forgetting why you jumped through hoops you didn't need to.

Simply create a shell script containing your multiple commands and stick that in whatever local "bin" you use (typically ~/bin) chmod 755 it and reference THAT in your .desktop file.

It will, of course, be properly laid out, commented and maybe even be in your bin git repo ;)

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