I have issues with the display resolution. I have built a pc for a tv in my rumpus room. My PC tends to boot in 1920x1080 resolution however the tv it is connected to doesnt support that resolution, supports i believe 1366x768p, this results in the tv display displaying just blackness...since it cant handle that high of a resolution...

I tried using another tv that does support 1080p and it works perfectly fine and I even tried downgrading the resolution to 768p on that tv... again that works perfectly fine. I saved the 768p settings and I moved the pc back to the rumpus room and BOOM still gives me that black screen... bring the pc back to that 1080p tv and boom again its back to its normal fullhd resolution. Is there anyway I can force a resolution?... it has nvidia display drivers installed but I still use the ubuntu display settings as a way to change them...

Please Help me figure out a way to force a damn resolution. Thanks Xx

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