[Error message]https://imgur.com/a/d2SB7q8

I removed Flatpak using Synaptic and then erased the folder in which the Flatpak version of LibreOffice was instead of uninstalling it from Flatpak.

I could no longer start the original LibreOffice program installed from the Ubuntu repository from Firejail, probably ever since I have installed the corresponding Flatpak app. I reinstalled LibreOffice, but LibreOffice can still not be started from Firejail, yielding the same error message.

Here is a related question -> How should the files of a Flatpak application be removed?

  • Did you try sudo apt-get install --reinstall libreoffice? With what result? – waltinator Aug 24 at 21:02
  • @waltinator I followed your suggestion. I can now use LibreOffice without Firejail, but I cannot start it from within Firejail, because of a [fatal error]<imgur.com/a/IREZr07> – user276718 Aug 25 at 2:12

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