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Update information is outdated

Though it installs updates, it always says the update information is some days old and the number of days is increasing daily. I think it keeps on installing some updates repeatedly like Google Chrome beta (approx. 31 MB).

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Update manager shows the time since last successful updates check from all of update repositories. So if it continually fails to access at least one updates source it will still show the time since all were successfully accessed.
I would recommend you to run an update in a terminal (sudo apt-get update) and see which repository is not accessible. You can then disable it or fix it and run update manager again.

  • the OP has mentioned Google Chrome beta and there is (or was) a problem regarding it described here. So, as you suggest, disabling the relevant repository should help.
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Based on whatever applications you have installed the Ubuntu OS will have multiple updates daily on various packages, including the OS itself. This is a very common occurrence and should not be worried about. However... If you want you, can open Update Manager and under Settings you can set how often to Check for Available Updates. I have mine set on every 2 days but you can set it for weekly, bi-weekly, or never.

Note: If you select the never option updates will not be checked unless you click on the Check for Updates button.

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