So I've setup a Ubuntu server 18.04.01 64bit can connect to it and all that with SSH.

Installed LXD/LXC

I also created a bridge br0 in netplan with DHCP at first an to connect to the containers with SSH and it worked great local.

Then I wanted to do it puclic IP style to connect to one container or multiple I disabled dhcp4 and 6 og both eth0 and br0 and set static IP on br0 to public IP in netplan! For the host part I can connect to the server directly but not the container and that is what I want to.

I already tried setting up SSH on the container on port 23 and static IP is the same as host but I cannot connect with that.

How can I do so I can connect directly to the container with the user created on there

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lxc config device add <container-name> sshproxy proxy listen=tcp:<public-ip>:23 connect=tcp:<container-ip>:22 bind=host

if your container runs ssh on standard port 22. Get and with lxc list, get the with ifconfig


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