I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my Desktop, but Ethernet is not connected. My Computer uses Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM. In my opnion, Ubuntu doesn't have installed a proposal network driver. I can't find ethernet driver.

  • The driver for your device is e1000e. Does it load without error? sudo modprobe e1000e Is there any clue in the log? dmesg | grep e1000e Welcome to Ask Ubuntu.
    – chili555
    Aug 21, 2018 at 20:08
  • I’m having the same issue. The i219 isn’t being detected. When I run those commands the e1000e driver loads and there are no errors. Oct 31, 2018 at 20:59

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Same ethernet adaptor for me on my ubuntu 16.

This worked:

  • Download e1000e- (Check latest on Intel website).

  • Got the tar.gz file downloaded untar it:

    tar xfv e1000e-
  • Goto src directory

    cd src
  • Compile and install

    sudo make install   
  • Reboot

This worked for me.

  • And for me too in Debian9 . Thanks!
    – rfmoz
    Jul 29, 2019 at 9:59
  • This appears to have worked for me, too. Ubuntu 20.04, Thinkpad T460s w/ i219-LM. After compiling the new driver and rebooting it's been hours since I've seen my wired internet drop. Fingers crossed for more hours to come. Note: The version I downloaded was e1000e 3.8.4, which apparently was written in 2019. I'm guessing this will be the final version. Aug 13, 2020 at 17:16

I met the same case that I can't see the network card on my Linux only computer which uses Intel Ethernet card. And installing the Intel driver didn't help. There's another topic about an "Wired Unmanaged" Ethernet card, that Lou Burnard suggested to:

  1. Edit the /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.confand change the line managed=false to managed=true
  2. Restart network manager with sudo service network-manager restart.
    And for me I need to wait for it to work.
  • First time I've touched that file and it says managed=false already, but I did install a bridge with bridge-utils for KVM, so that might have changed it without my knowing. Aug 13, 2020 at 17:20

tldr; switch to HWE kernels which provide drivers/firmwares for newer devices

Ran into this issue with a new Lenovo P350 Tiny. These machines contain the same I219-LM Ethernet card that is not detected in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS does contain the Intel e1000e kernel drivers, except they're an older version 3.2.6-k, circa 2015! Brings a whole new definition to stability =)

Anyway, I believe all the answers above will work - compiling from scratch, etc, but the easiest solution for me was to use the HWE kernels:

apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04

Obviously, for this to work, an offline apt package repository or another mechanism to install HWE kernel packages.

And reboot into the new HWE kernel.

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