I've been working with MaaS attempting to commission a set of nodes through a dual switch setup (Private & Public) using iDRAC with IPMI in attempts to PXE boot them, yet cannot seem to get it to work.

Within MaaS under events, the node seems to get stuck in a loop that states: "Queried node's BMC - Power State queried: on" until the commissioning process times out after 20 minutes. I've enabled DHCP under the subnet "InteriorSwitchFabric" and set its reserved ranges ( I've also enabled IPMI under the iDRAC interface.

Within the MaaS log file, I get the same error listed above as well as "Failed to change the boot order to PXE 192.168.1.xxx: /usr/sbin/ipmi-config: connection timeout."

Keep in mind that the two management nodes are on the administrative private network (, while the 14 sub nodes are on the public network ( I've linked the relevant screenshots below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Node Event Log Tab

Node Storage Tab, If Useful

Node Interfaces Tab

MaaS Log Trial 1

MaaS Log Trial 2

PXE Boot Error

  • You have two network interfaces attached to the same subnet on the same VLAN on the same fabric. How is it supposed to work without ARP configuration? – Guardian Aug 21 at 9:04
  • Ah, I see you might be onto something. How might one configure ARP for MaaS to effectively commission these nodes? – flowerpower Aug 23 at 23:44
  • You shouldn't attach them to the same subnet on the same VLAN on the same fabric. – Guardian Aug 25 at 7:00

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