When I mount a share CIFS share on my machine I can see the content in /run/user/<user ID>/gvfs. That may be because I use a Mate flavour of ubuntu.

In that case I cannot do:

rsync -av path/*  /run/user/<user ID>/gvfs/dest/

it display correctly the list of file but copy doesn't append. however if I

cp -a path/*  /run/user/<user ID>/gvfs/dest/

copy really append and files are now on the share.

Is there something I can do so I can use rsync on the mounted share?

NB: destination samba server is an embeded device, a NETGEAR access point with an USB shared space.

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In this specific case, it appears that the destination filesystem is some kind of FAT, or vfat, so the creation of temporary file with the format .filename-tmpnumber used by rsync seems to be impossible. So the use of --inplace option of rsync helped me for this. There were a second issue that seems to come from the delta algorithm that is inefficient on such a mount. I finally were able to overcome with the help of --whole-file or short -W

In the end, this works for me:

rsync -avWP --inplace --size-only --no-perms path/*  /run/user/<user ID>/gvfs/dest/

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