I know how to forward X sessions to my local computer, and I know how to run GUIs to start on the remote machine using export DISPLAY=:0.0.

However, let's say I have a bittorrent client, like transmission, running on the remote machine, and I want to check on its progress? Currently, I have to run remote desktop using Remmina to check it, and this isn't ideal.

I also don't want to shut it down and then start it again on my local machine, because this will interrupt the download progress, and I will have to remember to start it again on the remote machine, once I close it locally.

So the idea is, I want to temporarily forward the X session for an already-running GUI. Is this possible? How do I do it?


If you install screen:

sudo apt install screen

Then run that process through screen per this link:

How can I disown a running process and associate it to a new screen shell?

You should be able to keep processes backgrounded and then bring to forground at will... I know this works for text apps, maybe for gui too.

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