I bought a Dell Precision 5520 with Ubuntu pre-installed. For the first year, everything seemed to work fine. Then after a recent package update, my touchpad started to act weird. One day it completely stopped working. After a reboot, it seemed to work fine again. Then after I did a suspend/resume, now it delays for about 2 seconds when I try to use it, which resets after I lift my finger off. As you can imagine, this essentially makes the touchpad unusable.

I've seen some similar reports on other sites, but they all involve using some Windows program to tweak mouse/touchpad settings, which isn't an option under Linux.

I found this solution, but it's only for when xinput list shows two touchpads, whereas my output doesn't.

How do I fix the "touchpad lag" problem on Linux?

  • Hi, did you solve your problem? I have a similar issue on a Dell Latitue 7490. – Francesco Boccardo Jan 26 at 17:49

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