Trying to place a new separate panel (or dock) in my second monitor I found out that this is not possible.

Is there any workaround for that?

Mind you that it't not a big deal as it will mostly be covered by a Blender window in full-screen mode, but it would be nice to place some stuff there and save space in the main panel.

THX ;)


Currently, you can not do that. As far as I know, it will appear in Budgie 11.0, so I guess you could wait some time for 11.0 or have a look at the Budgie 11 development repo and see if you find what you need. (I'd say it's probably not worth it, and I assume they haven't even touched that topic in development yet, but you can at least try) As for a workaround, I didn't find any.

The other way would be using a different panel/dock like the preinstalled plank

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