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How to resolve temporary failure resolving 'dl.google.com' and 'in.archive.ubuntu.com' errors?

I have tried using the nameserver for Google ( but the error still remains.

I don't know what to do about this archive error.

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    can you post a little more info to your question? please post the command you are running and paste the error into your question. thanks. – Joshua Besneatte Aug 17 '18 at 4:41

When I've encountered this error in the past, it was typically a network configuration issue.

Is your Ubuntu machine's IP address statically or dynamically assigned, and can you access any other websites or machines on your LAN at all?

If it's statically assigned and you can't access anything else either on the internet or your LAN, check your configuration file /etc/network/interfaces and try changing it from iface (name) inet static to iface (name) inet dhcp, and comment out all lines pertaining to that interface, then reboot to see if anything changes.

If you can access your LAN but not the internet, it's likely due to a DNS or default gateway misconfiguration. For a static connection, verify the gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx line of your /etc/network/interfaces file. If your IP address is obtained through DHCP, it's likely a misconfiguration on your networking and not your host.

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