I'm following the code from this post, LeonanCarvalho's answer, in order to create a daemon with systemd. I used symlink.

Everything is fine but when I tried to start it, it said that, or even memcached.service or mysqld.service doesn't exists. Of course, I'm running MySQL, PHP, even can access to phpMyAdmin.

Don't understand what is wrong with that output. Any hint will be preciated, please ask anything related that can help with this error.

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: For mysqld, the name of the service is mysql.service in ubuntu. Memcache, didn't work anycase.


First of my problem: in Ubuntu 18, mysqld is mysql, so service is mysql.service.
Second, memcached is not installed by default with "lamp", so

sudo apt-get install memcache 

status both and then voila

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