I installed Kubuntu 18.04 a few months ago and the time to take over the operating system I came to the configuration of the appearance. Unfortunately I can not change the wallpaper! If I right click on the desktop I have access only to the general settings and in the general settings I can't find any menu to change the wallpaper.

Thanks for the help

Version of KDE Plasma: 5.12.6

  • If my answer doesn't help, please post a screenshot of what you see when you right-click on your desktop. If you don't know how to take a delayed screenshot, read on. 1: press Print Screen to launch Spectacle. 2: select "Current screen". 3: set a delay to suit your convenience. 4: click on "Take a new screenshot" at which point the Spectacle interface goes away. 5: Right-click, on the desktop and wait for the delay to complete. 6: click on the Spectacle icon in the taskbar. 7: choose "Save and Exit". 8: You can crop the image using Gwenview. – DK Bose Aug 17 '18 at 13:34

When I right-click on the desktop itself, I get a context menu. The item of interest is "Configure Desktop". Click on that.

Configure Desktop

You'll get a window titled "Desktop Folder Settings --- Plasma" if you've enabled the option to view folders on the desktop. Otherwise, the window will be titled "Desktop Folder --- Plasma".

Desktop Settings

Either way, look at the left pane/column. The first item should be Wallpapers. If it isn't, please edit your question providing a screenshot of what you see.

There's also an option to download additional wallpapers:

More wallpapers

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