I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.1. i installed GScan2PDF v2.1.4 (from Jeffrey Ratcliffe's PPA).

Something really weird happens when i try to crop a scanned document:

  1. I open GScan2PDF.
  2. I click the Scan button on the Toolbar.
  3. I click Scan to get the document preview.
  4. After I get the preview, I want to crop part of it, so -
  5. I click the Tools menu.... and nothing happens!

Only if I close the the app and re-open it, I can browse the menus, but of course, I can't open the Crop Tool without scanning the document first...

I am guessing it has something to do with the sane backend or GTK apps in Ubuntu 18.04 - because something similar happened to me when trying to scan with XSane on the same computer...

Any ideas?

EDIT: I thought of troubleshooting this a bit further, so I've installed the ubuntu-unity-desktop package and switched the the Login Manager to LightDM. and... problem solved!

So, hoe do i make it work on the GNOME Deskop (Bionic's default)?

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