My VM has been created starting from ubuntu-minimal 18.04

realtebo@$ uname -a
Linux pihole3.local 4.15.0-32-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Fri 
Aug 10 17:58:07 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I tried to install pihole, like I've done in all other VMs. But the other VMs have been created from the 'standard' ubuntu 18.04 server distro; anyway, no problem with other Vms.

In this case, and only in this case when pihole installer disable DNSStubListener the system stops to resolve domain names.

I debugged install process, see the following snippet: - before disabling the stub listener the ping works - then the code change the settings and reload the service - the next ping fails

    sed -r -i.orig 's/#?DNSStubListener=yes/DNSStubListener=no/g' /etc/systemd/resolved.conf

    # This ping is working
    echo -e "  ${INFO} Ping internal 01 \\n"
    ping -c1 google.it

    systemctl reload-or-restart systemd-resolved

    # This ping do not works
    echo -e "  ${INFO} Ping internal 03 \\n"
    ping -c1 google.it

The last ping esit told me "Temporary error in name resolution" (but in italian)

ping: google.it: Errore temporaneo nella risoluzione del nome

I ask you kindly to help me understand why in my VM i cannot disable the stub listener.

This is service status before installation

realtebo@$ service --status-all
 [ + ]  apparmor
 [ - ]  console-setup.sh
 [ + ]  cron
 [ + ]  dbus
 [ + ]  grub-common
 [ - ]  hwclock.sh
 [ + ]  irqbalance
 [ - ]  keyboard-setup.sh
 [ + ]  kmod
 [ - ]  plymouth
 [ - ]  plymouth-log
 [ + ]  procps
 [ - ]  rsync
 [ + ]  rsyslog
 [ + ]  ssh
 [ + ]  udev
 [ + ]  ufw
 [ + ]  unattended-upgrades
 [ - ]  uuidd

Running same command after pi-hole installation, these are the only different lines

 [ - ]  dhcpcd
 [ - ]  pihole-FTL
 [ - ]  resolvconf

I see that all these 3 services are not running. I do not know linux enough, I've no idea how to diagnose the problem. I am also thinking that the problem could be not related to the stub resolver, my problem is how to diagnose the source problem.

I've no idea if the 3 stooped services are in someway related to the DNS Stub resolver. I'm trying to provide you some infos. If useless, I'll remove. If it's another problem, I'll move it to another question.

Feel free to edit question, if you need, and if question need improvement, please use comment to ask me more info or whatelse.

Thanks in advance

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