I will use Burp Suite and it asks for proxy (address:hostname and port is 8080) configuration change of chrome. I want to do/learn this from terminal. I saw a command

export https_proxy='https://proxy_ip:port'

After giving it in this way

 export http_proxy=''

the terminal is not showing any outcome and returning to xyzcompu:~$

Q1: How to understand whether my proxy settings do not require/require username password, Is there any command in the terminal to get this info.

Q2: Am I doing any mistake in giving this command

export http_proxy=''


export sets they environment. you can do an echo ${http_proxy} to show what value is set (if any). The only way to know if your proxy requires username and password is by asking or trying. Do a curl http://google.com and see if it works, most pages redirect to HTTPS, so you need to specify the https_proxy as well. You can use curl -v http://google.com to get more details

Since BURP is your proxy, it's unlikely to require a username and password unless you configured one.

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