Since gnome uses wayland for login,
(I know i can disable it in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and then use xrandr or xorg.conf, but that's not the way i want)
Is there a way to disable, enable a monitor?
This would be nice to have, once gnome fuly switches to wayland.
I got this far:

  • The kernel already supports the things that xorg warps, thats why the wayland protocol was created
  • Mutter is the window manager of gnome, but the command-line tool has nothing useful to offer.
  • I can disable the monitor via the grub kernel parameters, but i don't know how to enable it back once ubuntu is booted (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="video=VGA-1:d").

I need this because i have an older laptop(hp elitebook 2570p), and it can only output to two monitors at the same time. So if i have 3 monitors connected to the laptop(LVDS, VGA, DP).
The video isn't outputted right, kb doesn't work, etc. Basically i can't login and have to poweroff the laptop, unplug one monitor and power the laptop back on.

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