Pretty new to Linux. I'm trying to give my user account root/sudo privileges. I understand the risks, and want nothing more than an operating system that will allow me to break it with one wrong mouse click. I grew mad with Windows due to the plethora of "Access Denied" prompts, and was hoping Linux would be the way out.

Unfortunately, I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as a dual-boot via Crouton for a Samsung Chromebook 3, and I can't even get it to switch to a new account (with sudo privileges), as logging out shuts down Ubuntu, and the Lock/Switch Accounts just locks normally without any option to switch the account. I've tried every option I could find on how to enable my existing account as root/sudo, nothing worked.

Does Crouton not allow switching of accounts, nor accounts with full root access?

Everything that I'm denied access to I just have to look up the launch name and sudo it via terminal, which is a not only a huge pita, but equally as "dangerous" (ooh!) as running a full sudo account. Whats the point?! A simple password prompt is not going to stop a stubborn idiot from wrecking their system anyways. I just want to launch a file manager and the software manager as sudo from the Unity launcher. I also tried all the workarounds for that and again, nothing worked.

I'm willing to switch from Crouton to a different boot system, but only as a final resort, unless something else allows dual boot from Chrome OS.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Ubuntu, and if fact almost all linux distros, does not allow you to log in as root. sudo and su are I tended to be used in the terminal. You can run graphical apps as root, but it depends on which version you are running – Panther Aug 14 '18 at 6:29

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