I have been trying to setup Atom editor for running python programs on Ubuntu 18 The packages I installed are : script atom-runner autocomplete-python python-tools

I even configured the config.cson file as per the atom-runner configuration .

I am getting the following error:

Atom Runner: testing.py Atom Runner: testing.py

Unable to find command: python Are you sure PATH is configured correctly?

is there something else I need to do ?

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There is a section about this error in the FAQs for the atom-runner package here that may help you.

It would seem that the python command is not in your path. Check where python is in your system with

which python

and check that the path (or at least part of it) is in your PATH:

echo $PATH

If not, adding the path to python to your PATH should solve the problem. To do so, add the following line to your .bashrc file:

export PATH=$PATH:[your path to python here]

replace the square bracket with the output from which python

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