using files that are stored locally.

I've looked at

  • random wallpaper changer gnome3 - didn't install. looking at the description, it can't do local files
  • shotwell - can only do desktop+lockscreen. Plus I need to import my wallpaper to it's library (would like to avoid this)
  • variety - does not change lockscreen wallpaper

Any more suggestions?


  • Would you like it to be random, or cycle in a specific order all the time ? And do you want the same wallpaper or 3 different wallpapers at the same time for each 'screen' ? – N. Cornet Aug 10 '18 at 15:06
  • Do you have an app in mind that can do any of what you said? :) – mrjayviper Aug 10 '18 at 23:19
  • I don't, but a small script could easily do what you want – N. Cornet Aug 11 '18 at 7:44

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