I need to install a few numbers of Canon LBP3300 printers in ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 for my office. Please help

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  • These Lasershot printers need the CAPT driver; it requires 3 steps instead of 2; there are details that seem important; I would ask those who say it has already been answered; to allow me to spell out a clear pathway for this person; the top answer is about inkjet: different to lasershot; the CAPT driver lacks the install script of the inkjet series; 1) so the driver install needs detailing to help 2) Register the printer (PPD) with the print spooler. that needs spelling out and 3) Register the printer in the ccpd daemon setup file. 4) Start ccpd daemon. please lift the current block to help – pdc Aug 11 '18 at 17:41
  • with google, I have found a link to an earlier case where the how-to is spelt out in detail; the correct ppd for the 3300 is CNCUPSLBP3300CAPTK.ppd – pdc Aug 11 '18 at 17:44
  • and I forgot to include the link askubuntu.com/questions/983343/… here it is so one changes the references that are 2900 in that; to 3300 – pdc Aug 13 '18 at 4:12

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