The problem I'm having is with some of the limited encryption options on the install disc. The option for encryption is

"encrypt the new ubuntu installation for security"

but from what I can it's for full disk encryption, which I don't want because I want my hard drive to have a large unencrypted partition at the end to store things that I don't want encrypted.

My hard drive currently has....

/dev/sda1 File System: ext4, Mountpoint: / Size: 39.06GB

/dev/sda2 File System: swap, Mountpoint: none Size: 6.09GB

/dev/sda3 File System: ext4 Mountpoint: /home size: 39.06 GB

/dev/sda4 File System: ntfs Mountpoint: /media/memu/193B33170F6B467D Size: 4.47TB

The larger partition at the end of the drive is the one I don't want encrypted, preferably I'd like to have the first three listed above encrypted.

I already have the OS installed (with nothing important on it yet) so If I can encrypt them after installation that'd be great.

The only other alternative to that which I can think of is to encrypt the whole drive with the Ubuntu installation software and then resize the encrypted system partition after to make room for the other partition but I've read that's also complicated.

I'm open to other ideas though, such as third party software. I'm very new to Linux and Ubuntu and literally haven't messed with it for more than two days so if I need to type commands or do something complicated I'd need to know step by step how to do it.

Thanks in advance for any help, setting this up has been a nail biter.

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