Good day everyone!

I've recently upgraded to Ubuntu-Mate Bionic 18.04 and now fighting new "features". Google has helped a lot, but this time I didn't manage to find a solution.

Every time I resume from sleep, VeraCrypt process dissapears and the previously mounted encrypted volume gets unmounted with no visible error messages. It's a simple file container located on main SSD, not on external drive.

I've used to put my laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 to sleep having a VeraCrypt volume mounted and had no issues after resume until swithcing to 18.04. It always resumed with VeraCrypt still running and the volume mounted. Now it's a clean install of Ubuntu-Mate 18.04 with all partitions reformatted, not just a dist-upgrade and this version has such issue.

This issue is terribly annoying as I can't use sleep mode because of it. First time it even lead to data loss as the volume just dissapeared despite it's been in use by a running program.

Will appreciate any advice on how to debug this. I can't even figure out if it happens while going to sleep or while resuming and, what is the most important, why does this happen.

Thank you!

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    I would think that unmounting after wake from sleep is a good security measure. Otherwise what's the point
    – user857648
    Aug 9, 2018 at 22:02
  • Security is in how and when you use sleep mode. It would be great to disable this "feature" :) It wasn't present in any of previous Ubuntu or Mint versions I had used before and that was great.
    – waZZup
    Aug 10, 2018 at 9:22

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Finally found a solution myself.

To prevent VeraCrypt from unmounting volumes on sleep\suspend edit the file


And change line




Changes take effect immediately after saving the file. No need to reboot nor restart any services.

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