I have a frontend webserver (Master) that I connect to and it connects to a big file server (Blaster) that is mounted on it (mnt/BFFS). Right now, I connect to Blaster on my own system using my system credentials for Master and mounting Blaster. However, it seems that the data I transfer to Blaster this way actually flows through Master and slows down processes on Master.

I would like to connect directly to Blaster (SMB, NFS, SFTP), but is there any way I can do this by using my Master credentials (i.e., agent forwarding or something like this)? I seem to recall that there is, but I can't recall the command. Checkout my current/future state infrastructure diagram below:


  ^---(Master Credentials)---^

Legend: <===> Data transfer  ^---^ Credentials transfer :(NotOK :)OK

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