I installed Atom using Snap.

Then I tried to install Hydrogen as an addon for Atom.

This output appears -

apm install hydrogen

Command 'apm' is available in '/snap/bin/apm'
The command could not be located because '/snap/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.
apm: command not found
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    as the error printed, just do export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin and you will be able to remove this error; ifnot, it will be another one (WARNING: export is limited at 1 terminal, if you change of window or close it, the export would be erased)
    – damadam
    Aug 9, 2018 at 13:23

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Open Atom and select Settings tab -> click the blue Install button located on the left side of the Settings pane. Under the Featured Packages section Hydrogen is the first package in the list because it is the most popular Atom package. Click the blue Install button to install it in Atom. Alternatively you can also search for Hydrogen in the search box in the Install Packages section of the Settings pane.


Like it says - apm is not in your PATH. Add it like so:

export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin/apm

Put it in ~/.profile - to run at terminal startup if you wish

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