Running Ubuntu 18.04 on VMWare Fusion 10.1.2 on a fully up to date Macbook Pro. Ubuntu installs and runs, and mouse moves on screen; but does not respond to mouse clicks. Neither the trackpad on Mac nor a Bluetooth mouse works. Mouse on Ubuntu 16.04 on same VMWare and Macbook works fine. I have preference to make 18.04 work correctly, of course. I've found VMWare's suggstion to change to mouse.vusb.startConnected="FALSE" but that made no difference.

Any advice here as to how to make mouse clicks work


This worked for me on 8.5.10 after updating to Mac OS Mojave.

Try this:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
  2. Switch to the Privacy tab
  3. In the left column, select Accessibility
  4. Look in the right window pane.
  5. If VMWare Fusion is listed but not checked, add the checkmark.
  6. If VMWare Fusion is not listed, add it by selecting the "+" sign and navigating to it.
  7. Once added, restart VMWare Fusion.

Good luck.

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