I want to start BurpSuite, not by double-clicking on the application to get it working but I want to start from the terminal by passing a JAR to the Java runtime.I use Java 8 and Burp Suite community edition (latest).

In one book it is written to provide in the terminal (passing a JAR to the Java runtime) java -jar /path/to/burpSuite.jar, which when I am typing in terminal giving output Error: Unable to access jarfile /path/to/burpSuite.jar. Now my system has a burpsuite_community.jar file inside or the path is /home/user/BurpSuiteCommunity/burpsuite_community.jar My question is what should my final command in the terminal (getting confused due to */path/to* -part given in the book.


That would be:

java -jar /home/$USER/BurpSuiteCommunity/burpsuite_community.jar

I user $USER here; That is a variable that will change it into the current username. echo $USER will show you what this is. You can change that for your actual user name if you want.

This ...


you are suppose to change to your situation.

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