I'm trying to figure out what the correct wiring diagram is for SRIOV passthrough with MAAS+Juju+Openstack. I've already set up the correct parameters for the charms to enable SRIOV:

  enable-sriov: true
  sriov-device-mappings: physnet1:ens2

At the moment I have the following setup: -MAAS node: eno1 to lab network br1 <-> eno2 to private network -Network node: eno1 to private network eno2 to lab network (set as Neutron gateway data-port) -Compute Node: eno1 to private network ens2 (SRIOV NIC) to private network

The private network is the provisioning network for MAAS, however the big question is the SRIOV NIC which lies on the same tenant network - which means the compute nodes have 2 interfaces on the same subnet. Should they be isolated? Put on a different provider network? Is there a recommended wiring diagram for SRIOV NICs?

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