When switching workspaces (Virtual Desktops); is there a way to make programs only show up on their belonging workspace?

By default all programs are visible on the taskbar, even if the program is on a different workspace. If you click the program, it will take you to the workspace it belongs to. I do not want any programs showing up that does not belong to the current workspace I am on.

Help will be very much appreciated.

I am running on Ubuntu 18.04, with the Kubuntu Desktop.

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This can be configured in both the Task Manager and Icons-only Task Manager.

Right-click on the Task Manager and select Task Manager Settings...:

Task manager context menu

In the General tab, scroll down and tick the checkbox next to Show only tasks from the current desktop:

Task manager settings


I know how to do this on Ubuntu regular, I guess it's the same on Kubuntu. You can stop apps on different workspaces showing on the dock by enabling the option "Isolate Workspaces" in Dash to Dock extension: screenshot. To isolate the apps while using Super + Tab, I used dconf Editor, and enabled the option at /org/gnome/shell/app-switcher/current-workspace-only: screenshot.

  • I am sorry, but this does not work. I should have elaborated that I am running Ubuntu 18.04, with the Kubuntu Desktop. That being said, I believe your tips will point me in the right direction. If I find out how, I will make sure to post it here. Aug 4, 2018 at 15:08
  • Ok, so you have Kubuntu desktop - that means you can't use GNOME extensions. Right.
    – cubetastic
    Aug 4, 2018 at 15:12

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