I try to setup an PTR Record for my Domain. I can send mails but some emailservers reject my mail, because I have no PTR Record.

I try it the last days but not working. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Best regards

Here is my config.

cat /etc/bind/zones/master/db.domain.tld

$TTL 3h

@ IN SOA ns1.domain.tld. www.domain.tld. (
                                1       ;serial
                                3h      ;nach 3 stunden aktualisieren
                                1h      ;neuer versuch
                                1w      ;expire
                                1h )    ;negativecaching
@       IN      NS              ns1.domain.tld.
@       IN      NS              ns2.domain.tld.

@       IN      MX      10      mail.domain.tld.
larsmueller.net.        IN      A               81.169.xxx.xx
ns1                     IN      A               81.169.xxx.xx
ns2                     IN      A               81.169.xxx.xx
www                     IN      A               81.169.xxx.xx
mail                    IN      A               81.169.xxx.xx
ftp                     IN      CNAME           domain.tld.
cloud                   IN      CNAME           domain.tld.
office                  IN      CNAME           domain.tld.
ffsync                  IN      CNAME           domain.tld.
@                       IN      TXT             "v=spf1 mx ~all"
analytics               IN      CNAME           domain.tld.
_dmarc  IN TXT 14400 "v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:server@domain.tld"
_domainkey  IN TXT "o=!;r=server@domain.tld"
2018._domainkey  IN TXT "v=DKIM1;k=rsa;t=s;s=email;p=... "

cat /etc/bind/named.conf.local

zone "domain.tld" {
        type master;
        file "/etc/bind/zones/master/db.domain.tld";
zone "xx.xxx.169.81.in-addr-arpa" {
        type master;
        notify no;
        file "/etc/bind/db.192";

cat /etc/bind/db.192

$TTL    604800
@       IN      SOA     ns1.domain.tld. mail.domain.tld. (
                              1         ; Serial
                         604800         ; Refresh
                          86400         ; Retry
                        2419200         ; Expire
                         604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL
@       IN      NS      ns1.domain.ltd.
xx.Xxx.169.81.in-addr.arpa.     IN      PTR     ns1.domain.tld.
xx. Xxx.169.81.in-addr.arpa.    IN       PTR     domain.tld
xx.xxx.169.81.in-addr.arpa.     IN      PTR     mail.domain.tld.
xx. Xxx.169.81.in-addr.arpa.     IN      PTR     cloud.domain.tld.
Xx. Xxx. 169.81.in-addr.arpa.     IN      PTR     analytics.domain.tld.

dig +short ptr  xx.xxx.169.81.in-addr.arpa.

root@mail:/etc/bind/zones/master# dig  xx.xxx.169.81.in-addr.arpa. AXFR
;; communications error to end of file
;; communications error to end of file

Due to the way PTR records work, they have to be set by the entity that is running the nameserver for the subnet your are in.

Unless you have a /24 and have delegated NS records you have to contact your provider.

Based on your IP I'm guessing you have a virtual or physical machine housed by a German service provider. You should look up how to set reverse lookup in their documentation.

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