I'm running a few ubuntu 18.04 servers in a Windows AD environment. The servers have no problem getting IPs via DHCP, but the DNS settings specified in option-6 are not written to any files.

Originally, I just updated /etc/resolv.conf, but this config wouldn't hold after a reboot. The standard 18.04 image uses NetPlan so we aren't concerned here about NetworkManager. After tracing it back to systemd-resolved and having to hardset the nameservers in the /etc/systemd/resolved.conf things seem to be working.

My question is simply how does one rectify dhcpcd option-6 with systemd-resolved? I don't want to have to hardset these variable on the creation of each server.

Also, dnsmasq doesn't seem to be an issue here, it's caching just fine as /etc/resolv.conf still points to as long as /etc/systemd/resolved.conf has the DNS settings.

  • I have seen a similar behavior in our environment where some clients do not get the DNS servers provided by DHCP when using systemd-resolved. Did you dig into deeper into this? For now I just unconfigure systemd-resolved but would be interested if you have found a better way. – Thomas Apr 8 at 18:21
  • I removed systemd-resolve and used NetworkManager to configure my DNS. See here: askubuntu.com/questions/1159084/… – Ivan Jul 18 at 15:06

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