I'm trying to create a user with a non-encrypted password in my server deployed via MAAS using curtin installer.
User : installer
Password : lowpass

In my curtin_userdata file I have these lines :

  90_create_installer: ["sh", "-c", "sudo useradd installer -g 0"]
  92_set_installer_password: ["sh", "-c", "echo 'installer:lowpass' | sudo chpasswd"]
  94_cat: ["sh", "-c", "cat /etc/passwd"]

In MAAS log while the "cat /etc/passwd" is running this line appears well :


But once it's finished, I connect to my server and then the user is not present anymore.
Someone has any idea ?

Thank's !

Okay guys I found out my problem, I wasn't using "in-target" command !

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