I have two chrome browser profiles on my machine (home and work) and I am connected via Wifi to our work network and via USB-tethering to mobile broadband.

I would love to see my work browser (and all other apps, i.e. git) using only the wifi connection), while my home browser uses the tethering. **Ìs there a way to do that?*

If it's not possible via browser profile, then via domains maybe? (an explicit black or whitelist for one of those sides)

related issue: Is it possible to do proxy settings inside Chrome (extension?), rather than system-wide?: enter image description here

519569, 517561, 53499, 313758 might all be somewhat related, but I neither care about doubling bandwidth nor bonding, just distinct access... (and that not in a DMZ/paranoid way, just well, ease of access and arguably some privacy)

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