Hello, guys how are you? I am trying to install office in my ubuntu. I managed with success to install all the necessary components and I configure the right versions of wine to work together with play on Linux.My problem now is when Microsoft office started the installation and i clicked in -> customized the installation it doesn't let me to disallow what i want just like (OneNote,Outlook, OneDrive etc) and allow only the necessary like (Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word) so my whole process was failed. What is the problem?? I search all the google but I didn't find something similar to my occasion. I would appreciate any solution thnx in advance.

  • I know it's not a solution, but are you aware of alternative software? The OpenOffice/LibreOffice suite pretty much has every feature that the Microsoft variants have. – hiigaran Aug 4 '18 at 10:51

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