I already found how to move my encrypted home dir to new hd, but I have a comprehension question. So when I installed kubuntu 11.10 I choose to have an encryption (I think there was only possible to choose if the home is encrypted, anyway I choose encryption), so my /home has the following structure:

/home/<my_username>/.ecryptfs (only link to /home/.ecryptfs/<my_username>/.ecryptfs)
/home/<my_username>/.Private (only link to /home/.ecryptfs/<my_username>/.Private)

This should be the solution: How can i move an encrypted home directory to another partition?

I couldn't follow up cause probably it was too old. So the point is, my new place should be a new SSD which I added to the system, formatted with ext4. What I don't understand is, is this sufficient, in order to keep my encryption, or should I do something to encrypt my new formatted SSD and then do the howto?

Thanks a lot?


In order to keep your encryption, you simply need to ensure that all of the data that was previously in /home is copied over to your new /home. That includes /home/$USERNAME as well as /home/.ecryptfs.

You don't need to encrypt your new formatted SSD.

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  • how can I enter the new mount point to my new encrypted home, i mean are there any special options that I have to define or something? In my /etc/fstab file I just have: UUID=<uuid> / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1. I didn't have separate mount points to home usr etc. – radio Feb 29 '12 at 11:27

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