i am running kubuntu 18.04 in virtualbox and currently working in a proxy environment. when i am trying to setup the proxy through
system settings ->network settings -> proxy .

then i see no changes and unable to browse. no system wide changes are observed ,ie proxy on system environment is not afftected after this . but as i am running
export_proxy http_proxy=http://'proxy:port'

env variable is changes and able to use the internet connectivity.

please provide solution for this , to setup proxy system wide through setting ,not by export_proxy ( i don't want to unset the proxy each time as i shift to non-proxy environment.)

  • Are you using Firefox ? It has its own proxy settings and ignore system-wide settings (as of writing). – John Christopher Mar 5 at 11:00
  • @JohnChristopher yes I was using Firefox, but this issue also exists for chrome – prana Mar 5 at 14:37

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