I'm facing an issue which I have attached in the image below.

On the left is a screenshot taken on my laptop screen and on the right is a screenshot taken on the external monitor. I'm getting this issue after a software update. (using sudo apt-get upgrade), the same issue is there for another colleague who's using a laptop of the same model.

While my laptop is running Ubuntu 16.04, the other laptop is running Ubuntu 18.04.

Following, are the details of the laptop:

  • Model: Asus Vivobook X542UAR.
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620.

enter image description here


It is a known bug in chrome that occurs on images with partial transparency when the host OS met some specific conditions:

  • Host use Software rasterization (so Linux, or a blacklisted GPU)
  • Host use a color profile that doesn't fully enclose sRGB. Most profiles are sRGB, and most non-sRGB profiles are strictly larger than sRGB.

Potential work-around:

  • Go to chrome://flags#force-color-profile, and set it to sRGB.


  • Go to chrome://settings/?search=Use%20hardware%20acceleration%20when%20available, and and disable Use hardware acceleration when available.

This bug will be fixed on chromium 70.

Link to chromium bug


Turns out it's something to do with how GPU handles the chrome graphics. Issue resolved after turning off Hardware acceleration on chrome settings.

Go to chrome://settings and disable Use hardware acceleration when available

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