I have a mail server on ubuntu 16.04 with postfix and dovecot and in the same server run roundcube webmail. I access a roundcube webmail with https://webmail.domain1.com (ssl). I need multiple additional domain: webmail.domain2.com, webmail.domain3.com which point to a mail server with https. Which is the best way?

I was trying of create virtual host on my mail server for: webmail.domain2.com, webmail.domain3.com and point to a directory of roundcube but I have a doubts on SSL. The SSL that is used in postfix, dovecot and roundcube it could be the same with my news domain: webmail.domain2.com, webmail.domain3.com.


  • All domains should have the same IP-address as domain1.com in the DNS zone
  • All domains should have domain1.com as MX in the DNS zone
  • All domains should contain the proper SPF record in the DNS zone
  • Postfix should be configured to use virtual domains
  • Dovecot needs location option to be configured to use %d/%n in the path
  • Roundcube should be configured to autocomplete the login by the current domain

This is how to setup the mail server. Howtos for webserver you can find anywhere in the net.

  • Thanks Kondybas. I already have almost all the points you mention. I'm missing the last point. How can I get autocomplete login on roundcube? – Luis C Aug 2 '18 at 4:19

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